Catering Options

Gather Around Good Food

Order large quantities of your favorite pastries and specialty items from The Crumb Factory. We help small businesses and enterprise corporations kick off team meetings with our easy catering options. Or, if you’re celebrating a private party, you can minimize the hassle of event planning and leave it to your local bakers and chefs to do the heavy lifting.

Breakfast Catering

Kick off the morning just right by ordering a combination of pastries and fresh baked goods for your guests.

Breakfast Pack for 5 to 10 Guests

2 Quiche
2 Scones
2 Baguette Delight
4 Croissants
Serve with butter, jam, honey, Nutella

Lunchtime Catering

Treat your clients or friends to a healthy lunchtime meal and order a larger batch of sandwiches to fill everyone up.

Lunch Pack for 10 Guests

1 Metro Chicken
1 Mediterranean
2 Turkey (Cold)
1 Ham (Cold)
1 Quinoa Salad
1 Cobb Salad

Lunch Pack for 6 Guests

1 Turkey (cold)
1 Ham (cold)
1 Mediterranean 1 Cobb Salad

Brunch Catering

Enjoy a mid-morning treat with fresh, never frozen, pastries and sandwiches for your group.

Pack for 5 Guests

2 Croissants
2 Chocolate
1 Cinnamon Roll
1 Baguette Delight
1 Butter Brie Baguette
1 Mediterranean
Served with butter, honey and jam

Pack for 3 Guests

1 Croissant
1 Chocolate
1 Cinnamon
1 Baguette Delight
1 Butter Brie
Served with butter and jam

Pastry Catering

Order our most popular pastries so everyone enjoys a sweet treat!

Pack for 10 Guests

4 Croissant
2 Chocolate
2 Cinnamon
2 Cruffin
Served with butter and jam

Pack for 5 Guests

4 Croissant
2 Chocolate
2 Cinnamon
2 Cruffin
Served with butter and jam

Drinks / Coffee

Coffee Canteen, 96oz
1/2 Gallon of orange juice
1 Liter of Ginger Rosa or Cold Brew

Contact Us to Order

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